Tragedy has struck


The day before yesterday we went to check on our chickens and the boys took a peep under the porch at our Phoebe’s nest and they noticed that the nest was on the ground. During the night something had gotten to the nest and to the baby birds. I couldn’t believe it, it was so sad. Our back yard seems so empty without the momma Phoebe flying all around catching food for her babies. This nest has been used three years in a row by Phoebe’s (same Phoebe ?) but I don’t know now if it will be used again since it was destroyed by a predator. We were sad but we know this is just part of God’s Creation. Things in “nature” and life won’t always make sense but we believe and trust that God’s way’s are always best!! We may not understand the “Why” of something but we just have to choose to continue to believe that God truly loves us (and all of his creation) and He does have a good plan for all of us and He has has proved that by making a way through his son Jesus for us to have a relationship with Him now and for all eternity!!


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