Great Nature Books for you and your children

1st book you can find at Simply Charlotte Mason. Awesome book because the author has compiled Charlotte Mason’s own words on Nature Study and getting outside and of course a little something extra just from her. =o)
The 2nd books are for the young child by Thornton Burgess. They are broken into very short chapters, they have some but not a lot of pictures. The stories are great and you also learn some true facts about the animals nature. The laungage is also a lot richer than your typical children’s book! My boys have really enjoyed them.

This book is full of paintings by John J. Audubon and poetry by poets like Keats, Browning, Whitman, Emerson, etc. and quotes by Thoreau and Shakespeare, etc. This was a Truly wonderful find at a little used book store I went into one day =o).

The HBN Study is wonderful!! It is not a normal Field Guide, it is to teach you how to introduce Nature Study to your children or if you don’t have children it’s for you to learn about and appreciate Nature study.
The North American Wildlife Field Guide is (not perfect) but it is a great resource all in one. So it makes it easier to carry one book in your Nature walk backpack than to have to carry several books. It makes the bag a little lighter =o)

This Bird songs book is AWESOME!!! It is not a book you carry on a walk but it is a book you will truly enjoy and learn from!!
Pocketful of Pinecones is for you mom to read and enjoy!! It is a great book! I enjoyed it so much that right now I am finding the time to read it a second time. It is a fiction story but it is a great example of a family enjoying Nature Study together.

Frightful’s Mountain is great book to read to your kids. My two boys have really enjoyed it. We have taken it very slow and enjoyed every bit of it! It is a story of a Peregrine Falcon and it is actually the second book in a series written by a naturalist. We haven’t read the first one yet that is the only reason I don’t mention it here. It is called My Side of the Mountain.


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