Green Hour (Nature) Challenges


I really want to encourage you to check out the Green Hour Challenges over at Heart of Harmony. We have participated in three of the challenges so far and it’s been wonderful!! Below is the desription to this week’s Challenge (It is a long quote from the actual post). I hope that if your Nature study has seemed a little lacking or in need of a little focus that you will let Barb at Heart of Harmony inspire you as she has me!! Here are links to the post that describe a couple of our Green Hour Challenge adventures:
“Green Hour Challenge #11Begin a Four Season Tree Study 1. Read in the Handbook of Nature Study pages 622-623. Also read page 625, Spring Work. After reading, turn to the table of contents, to the tree section, and read the list of trees covered in this book. If possible, pick a tree from the list that you have in your yard, on your street, or in a near-by park that you can observe over the course of the next year. My boys and I have been working on a tree study with an oak tree since August of 2007. The changes in the tree have given us something to study in each season. If you live in a more exotic location, like some participants who live in Australia, Brazil, or Spain, do your best to compare your tree to a similar tree in the Handbook of Nature Study. Many of the observations can be used to study a variety of trees.Before heading out for your nature study time, read the introductory section for your focus tree with your children. Make sure to read the observation suggestions for your particular tree and keep these in mind as you go out to make your observations. You will be challenged in each season of the coming year to make an observation for your tree and record any changes………………………………..Barb-Harmony Art Mom
Link to Challenge #11
Link to Challenge #1 (getting Started)


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