All About Him Creation Club Meetings


“All about HIM”

The HIM we speak of is the Lord God our CREATOR!!

This Club is for the entire family!! Sorry but kids can not be dropped off.

When: START on AUGUST 28, 2008 @ 1:15pm (It will be at 1:30pm on the 4th Thursday in the months of Aug., Sep., Oct., Nov., Jan., Feb., Mar., April and May)

Where: At my house or a local park

Purpose of Club: To gain an appreciation for and understanding of God’s Creation (Nature), to promote getting outside (for the enjoyment and health benefits of it), to sharpen ones observations skills, to acknowledge God as the Creator of all things and to promote Family Time!!

Meetings: Each CLUB meeting might include some or all of the following: Nature Walk, Nature themed Topic (to discuss), Show N Tell, Creation based Memory Verse, a nature craft/activity, Nature Art (Ex.: John Audubon), Nature Poetry and an opening or closing Prayer. There will be occasional supplies to bring for an activity that we are doing and I will encourage each family to start a Creation Journal/Scrapbook. (see my recent blog entry on Creation/Nature Notebooks at my Blog: The One Thing )

Examples of Monthly Topics: Birds in God’s Creation (GA birds), Colors in God’s Creation, Protecting God’s Creation, Trees in God’s Creation (GA Trees), Winter in God’s Creation, Rocks in God’s Creation, Creatures in God’s Creations, Sticky things in God’s Creation, Summer in God’s Creation, Spring in God’s Creation, Autumn in God’s Creation, Sealife in God’s Creation and Chickens in God’s Creation =o), etc…

More Details to come closer to the starting date and If you know of any HS’ers that might be interested please feel free to invite them. If you are interested please post a comment with your direct e-mail address and I will get back with you a.s.a.p.——God Bless, “A” in GA


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