Update on our Phoebe Visitor

1st pic: One upset mama 2nd pic: Baby Phoebe right before I put it back in the nest 3rd pic: The mama back on the nest after I put the baby back in it.

A baby Phoebe fell out of the nest……………Oh it was terrible……………….the mom was so upset. The baby bird was very scared and she flapped and flew a couple of inches off the ground and got herself lost in the deep leaves on the ground under the nest. We left and came back later and the baby had not found it’s way out of the leaves. I knew the mom wouldn’t find her little one and I knew the baby would be eaten by something before the night was over. I know we have had a snake (or snakes) under the porch before. I made a decision to intervene…………….right or wrong I just couldn’t leave that baby on the ground. So I searched for it under the leaves and finally found it. I picked it up as gently as possible and put the wee one back in the nest. We left again and later I checked and the mom was back on the nest!! YEA!! We will just have to wait and see. I did what I thought was right and now I just have to leave them in God’s hands!! That’s the best place for them anyway=o)


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