Creation (Nature) Journals

Here is the Journal I started in Jan. 06 after I started reading up on the Charlotte Mason Method of Home Schooling. At the same time we put up several bird feeders, cut trails through our woods, put up a deer feeder, really starting “noticing” the world around us, staying outside for long periods of time and just really coming to appreciate and be in awe of God’s Creation!! Later on we started going on nature walks with other like minded people =o), reading nature literature like the Thornton Burgess books, reading Nature Friend Magazine, eat outside on our screened porch more, did I mention we really stared “observing” the little and small things out in God’s creation and we bought a camper and started going camping on a regular basis. Keeping a Nature Journal during all this was a lot of fun. It is packed with information and wonderful memories. It is a keepsake for our family and I know ten years from now the boys will enjoy reading it and remembering even more than they enjoy doing that now!! I encourage you to GET outside in God’s Creation
to learn and just enjoy!!

Here is a quote from CM’s Vol 1 book about Nature Journals: As soon as a child is old enough, he should keep his own nature notebook for his enjoyment. Every day’s walk will give something interesting to add–three squirrels playing in a tree, a blue jay flying across a field, a caterpillar crawling up a bush, a snail eating a cabbage leaf, a spider suddenly dropping from a thread to the ground, where he found ivy and how it was growing and what plants were growing with it, and how ivy manages to 55 An intelligent child will think of millions of little things to record in his nature notebook……… The skill of drawing may be addressed in some other way, but not in his nature notebook, that should be for him to fill as he sees fit. A six year old will add pictures of dandelions, poppies and irises with enthusiasm and accuracy for no other reason than because he wants to record what he sees.An exercise book with a stiff cover can be used as a nature notebook, but the paper inside should be suitable for both watercolor and drawing.

Here is a link to the nature Study page at Ambleside Online
and a link to the Out-of-Door Life in CM’s Vol 1
Last link and it is to Heart of Harmony and her Nature Journal tips, etc.

Here is the new journal that we just started this month since we finally completed the other one. We are calling this one a Creation Journal. This journal I will not “write” as much in it. I will also not put photo’s in it. I will use this one more as CM describes. I will actually try to draw what we see and we will strive to identify as many of our sightings as possible. This sketch pad I found at Walmart for just under $7. Our boys also have a Nature scrapbook that they place their nature drawings in. I encourage you to start a Nature Journal if you haven’t already. It’s a great project for the entire family to be involved in!


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