Green Hour Challenge: Have a Picnic and observe the Nature around you

1st pic: Our picnic spot 2nd pic: boys running to get rocks to throw 3. It’s hard to tell but it’s of two dogwood’s just starting to bloom across the lake from where we were.

5th pic: This is where we laid down with eyes closed to listen to Nature 6th pic: Eastern Tent Caterpillar

7th pic: My oldest writing me a note 8th pic.: It’s hard to see but that is of the Great Blue Heron flying over the lake

Last pic: Reading (practice) time

Our Green Hour Challenge started like this:
After taking care of our little chickens this morning we were walking back towards the house to go in and do our sketch of the week. I couldn’t help but notice what a BEAUTIFUL day it was. I thought to myself what a wonderful day for a picnic. A little later I checked the Heart of Harmony website to find out what the Green Hour Challenge for the week was and would you believe, it was to have a picnic! So Barb at Heart of Harmony and I were on the same page =o) So that is what we did we had ourselves a picnic. While I packed some food, drinks, books, paper, pen & the camera together the boys were digging up worms to give to our chickens. I came out of the house and I ask where they wanted to have the picnic and my oldest spoke up first and said he wanted to have it at the lake. (Yes, they did come in and wash their hands first) So off to our lake we went and we picked a nice spot where we would be half in the shade and half out. The boys love the shade and I love the sun. We enjoyed our lunch and then we laid down with our eyes closed and listened and these are the things we heard: my youngest whisper he loved me, a dog barking, a dog running through leaves, airplanes, automobiles, cardinals and other various birds and the wind moving through leaves. Then we looked all around and saw the result of the wind moving through trees and over the lake water, birds flying, insects flying, a caterpillar crawling, grass, a crow flying, a cloudless sky, a huge tree shadow, dogwood trees, rocks (that did get thrown into the lake by our boys), a Great Blue Heron fly over the lake circle around come back and land for a couple of moments and then fly off again, flowers, various trees and a dragonfly. My oldest said lets see what we smell so we closed our eyes and breathed deep but we couldn’t just pick up on one or two smells but we enjoyed trying. During our time outside my boys through rocks in the lake, tried climbing a tree, through a tennis ball to our neighbors dog, chased the dragonfly, held the caterpillar, ran, my oldest wrote me a note that said he loved me, I read the bible and we prayed together, I read to them a little from a book called Frightful’s Mountain (it’s about a Peregrine Falcon), my oldest read to me, my youngest tried to read =o) and by their choice we did what my youngest calls numbers (which is math….all verbal game type activities). It was a wonderful wonderful day with my boys out in God’s Creation!!! Thanks again Heart of Harmony for the Inspiration!!


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