Our Family Table at our HS Expo

These are picture from our family table at our local HS groups HS Expo. It is a night to honor the kids for things they have done this during the current School year. Some kids did special science and or History projects for this night. As I said we just did a Family Table. I displayed books, music and curriculum we had used during this year, the boys notebooks where they kept a good variety of their school work, art work, etc.., our family Nature Journal, the boys Nature Scrapbooks, some of their wood projects from home, from Lowe’s and Home Depot, our oldest copy work notebook, a poem our oldest wrote and illustrated, our school schedule and some of our nature treasure like a deer skull and bones, cicada’s, a swallow tail butterfly, snail shell, empty spider egg sac and some other misc treasures!! They also awarded kids with certificates for participation or for a Science or History project. Our boys were so excited when their name was called and they had to walk up on stage. It was a really good night celebrating how hard the boys have worked this year. I am proud of both our boys!!

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