I’ve decided to call it quits!!

Well, everyone I’ve decided to call it quits! For this “school” year anyway. This is the last time (summer) before I have to start sending in a letter of intent to HS, filling out attendance reports, needing to have school so many hours and for so many days, etc.. I am very happy where my oldest is, what he has learned and what all we have done!! I believe we are going to start our summer break right now!! I still have a schedule just to remind me to occasionally review something and I can also offer these activities as a free choice. If they want to do things we have been doing for “school”, that’s o.k. by me =o) We are going to enjoy each other, family, God’s Creation, my sister’s pool =o), camping, our summer vacation, VBS and our chickens!!! Plus it will give me time to make sure all is in order for next school year, which it pretty much is. YEA!! Below is our Summer Schedule:
Summer School Schedule 08

Bible/Prayer Daily

Hymn Play Hymns

Memory Work (scripture) Summer Break except for review occasionally

Reading Have oldest read to me every other day

Math Summer Break except review occasionally

Foreign language Summer Break except review occasionally

Copy Work Summer Break (He writes enough these days on his own)

Tea Time w/Literature or Poetry Summer break but do it they ask
& practicing good manners

Art Appreciation: Artist and Print Study Summer Break

Music Appreciation (Composer & Classical) Summer Break but play it if they ask

Folk Song/Children’s Classics Summer Break but play if they ask

Handicraft/Life Skills Work on Good habits, Chores and some attitudes, etc..

Hands on Art: Sketch of week
and painting, play dough, photography, etc.. Summer Break unless they want to do it

Nature Study (Readings/documentaries) NOTHING FORMAL (whatever we want to do)

Nature Walk (Nature Journal) When ever we can

Literature Readings Free Reading

Social Studies Complete the Fantastic Flying Journey Book/Notebook

Calendar/Time/Weather Occasionally review

Poetry Summer Break unless they ask for it

Book: Window of the World We will continue to PRAY for the countries/people
Persecuted Christians and
the Countries they live in.
(Geography, Prayer)


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