Completed Chicken Coop and put our chicks in it =o)

Today we finished the coop and we brought our little chicks to their new Big Coop. We are keeping their little coop in there for a while and my hubby cut a hole on the side so they could walk in and out anytime they want to. We are also keeping a light over the box to help them make the transition to the outdoors. None of them would jump off the box when we got them in the big coop so I finally had to take them out of the box and place them on the ground. After that there was no stopping them or catching them. They explored every inch of their new home!

Here you can see the homemade feeder and water er my hubby made. we found direction for them on the Backyard chicken website. Well they work well but just to make the transition we left their small feeder and water er in there also. If you notice we are also using a clay pot “thingy” (?) to place some crack corn in. We have fed the chicks worms and bread and they love them both. Chickens really are a lot of fun! =o)

Here is a FACE OFF, we were having lots of those when we got them in their new home. They have to figure out who is boss and who is NOT =o) It is funny to watch them doing this when they are this little. Well, that’s are chicken news for today. As you can tell we are very glad we made the choice to do this!! We look forward to the day we come out and find our 1st egg………
sometime in October =o)
P.S. If you have seen my earlier post on our chicken coop, we did have a privacy wall up in front of the laying boxes BUT we ended up using most fo that wood to finish the coop so we ust couldn’t keep that wall up =o( The hens are just NOT going to be able to be real shy about doing their business!!

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