Devotion: Who Are You

Freedom Devotion
April 15, 2008

“Who Are You?”

Verse for today: But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name. John 1:12

Do you ever feel like you are suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder? Just think about all the roles you have in life. You may be a wife or husband, a mother, father or even a grandparent. You may be single, but this still applies to you too. You might be an aunt or uncle, teacher, laborer, lawyer or doctor; maybe you’re a business owner or a waitress. Add to that list, chauffeur, cook, grass cutter, house cleaner, carpenter, electrician, counselor, family purchasing agent, family financial planner and on and on. I’m sure you understand what I am getting at. It’s enough to make you dizzy just thinking about all the responsibilities you have. Let’s throw in a few more: choir member, nursery worker, children’s church worker, youth worker, usher secretary, pastor…… Help! I’m getting tired just thinking about all of it. So many people depend on you for so many things, it can seem overwhelming at times. Well, guess what? I’m going to add one more role to this long list. It is the most important role of your life and it should bring great comfort in this frenzied life we live. Are you ready? YOU are a “child of God.” Imagine that, you are God’s precious child; not a servant, not an employee, but His child. God has “called you by name” and has declared that “you are His” (Ps. 147:4). What an awesome thought. Like me, your parents may have already died, but we aren’t orphans, because God is our Father. That means that we are heirs to everything He owns, and that’s everything there is.
Roma. 8:17 tells us that “we are heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ.” The next time the demands of all those roles you fill start to overwhelm you, just cry out to your Father, “Daddy, help me!” And you know what? Just like you would pick up your child, if they were hurting, your heavenly Father will lean down, pick you up and comfort you, till you’re strong again and ready to tackle your tasks. So, stop trying to be everything to everyone and just be who God made you to be. That’s more than enough for anyone, don’t you think?

Your assignment: Proclaim, out loud, “I am God’s child!”

May your Father shower you with peace today.
by: My Mom

Memory verse: The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. Rom. 8:16


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