Our Chicks are HERE!!!! (update added)

We brought our chicks home today and once again the owners of the Farm we got them were just WONDERFUL!! We brought home 2 Golden Lace Wyndottes, 2 Silver Lace Wyandottes, 2- Ameraucana’s, 3-Rhode Island Red’s, 2- Black Australorp and 1 Golden Comet BUT unless my hubby will kill me I am going to go back and get 1 more Golden Comet so we at least have 2 of each breed. I messed up and got the 3 Rhode Island Reds but I can’t take 1 back now =o( so hopefully my hubby won’t mind that we have 13 instead of 12 !?

UPDATE: We now have 13 chicks. We went today and got another Golden Comet and we named her Goldie. Now we just hope and pray we have a lot more Hens than we have roosters =o)


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