The Chickens are Coming!!!!!!!!


I was supposed to go out of town this weekend on the ladies retreat through my church (my mom teaches) but the boys are both a little under the weather and are on medicine so I couldn’t leave them. I hated to miss the retreat they are always soooo good. They are full of wonderful fellowship, food, fun and awesome bible studies! God always does amazing things in the lives of the women that are there! I know He will this year also!!


Since I am home we made an appointment to pick up our twelve chicks tomorrow. We are all very excited! We couldn’t use the blue storage box we were going to use, it just wasn’t big enough for twelve chicks. So we put two cardboard boxes together to make one big one. We have our red lamp in just the right place so the area will be just the right temperature. When we pick up the chicks we will also pick up the shavings to use for bedding in the box so the chicks will be nice and comfy. I’ll post pictures as soon as I can!! =o)


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