Tour our Home "School"

Here is our Home “school”. It’s nothing fancy and it’s a little here and a little there and a little of this and a little of that =o) I have a schedule posted under my kitchen phone that helps me stay on Target (for the most part). That schedule is listed on the blog, it is on one of my earliest post.

This is our “L” Room = Learning Room (down stairs)…………..though we hardly spend any time in it.
I have plenty of wall space for educational posters and to hang their work.

These are also part of downstairs “L” room. We have art supplies, puzzles, all kinds of books, we have some of our nature “treasures”, All my notebooks with ideas, examples, resources, etc.., misc. supplies, manipulative’s and so on and so on. I think you get the picture =o) The picture of the easel and pictures on the door, I showed because that door is where I tape the picture of our weekly Art Studies so we can keep a record of what we have done and they can look back on them and remember.

These pictures are of my oldest bedroom. In it besides his normal toys we have the wall maps, books, puzzles, games, movies, most of our nature books and our some of our Nature “treasures’ and our puppet stage and puppets.

Here is our kitchen table and our globe right next to the table above fridge. We actually do use our globe a lot. The boys really like looking at it and checking out where places are. We use it every week when we read about another country in our book from V.O.M. to pray for. The kitchen table is where we do a lot of our “school”: Art, Notebooks, Bible, memory work, some reading , poetry, etc

Here is our living room where we also do lots of school: reading, games, notebooks, bible, singing, watch Discovery Channel and really anything and everything. Our living room is where we are the most comfortable. We love sitting on the couch curled up together or on cold days we lounge in front of the fireplace when there is a nice toasty fire in it =o) Now that is a nice way to “do” school!! The last picture is the cabinet that holds our computer, our fish tank on top of the T.V. and on the ottoman I always keep an assortment of magazines (Nature friend, AIG Mag., Birds and Bloom, etc..)

The next picture of the hutch holds, daily school books and supplies ( nature Journal, daily work, the boys notebooks, more art supplies, Memory System box, Classical Music, Spanish Flashcards, Poetry book, Hymn book, Bible, nature reference books, manipulative’s, etc.) for us to be able to just use anywhere in the house or outside we want. It’s right beside the kitchen table and the back porch door. I have two baskets full of rocks and shells the boys have brought home and I also have our very first nature “treasure” jar on the hutch. Behind the jar is our Window to the World book by V.O.M. we use it to pick out a country a week to read about and to pray for. On one of the baskets I place the weekly print out of the artist/print study. The other pictures are pieces that are beside our kitchen table and they are full of reading books, reference books, photo’s, nature journal, etc..

Well, that was just a quick and not greatly detailed glimpse into out Home school. You know though I also consider our kitchen, back porch, front porch, bird feeders, back and front yard, barn area and pastures, all the woods, our camper and our lake part of our home school!! I’ll tell you a secret I don’t have everything as I REALLY want it and if I had more space and more money I would make some changes and add somethings but it is working for us and I thank God for what we do have!! I also like having “school” all over the house verses just having it in our “L” room. I am even going to put our History and Biblical time lines in our hallway (upstairs) instead of downstairs in our “L” room. At first my hubby wasn’t sure about that idea but I just reminded him that this was our life now and so it makes sense for it to surround us not just be tucked away in one room. I better close this post and I’ll do it with one last thought: I really do not know what the future holds and how our Home school will always be laid out, I’m sure through the years we will make lots and lots of changes but I am just thankful for what we have now and that I have the opportunity to home school our boys!!


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