Our Chicken Adventure begins

Here is the site of our future chicken coop. The first picture is the view from our kitchen window. The next picture offers the view we will have from every room in the back of the house and from our back porch. At first we were going to build a coop behind the barn but I told my hubby I wanted to be able to see the chickens and as usual (well within reason) he was nice enough to oblige me. (Thank You babe =o) This is the closed in area of our barn. We used to have horses so we had this and two covered stalls. We have a 10×16 metal building that we will use to store everything that’s in the barn now and then we will be able to start converting that area into our chicken coop and we will also build a run right in front of it. The chickens will have a covering for shade and have an area that’s exposed to the sun while they are in the run. We will cover the run because we do have a lot of hawks around here =o) Inside the barn/coop we will put about 3 nesting boxes which will be plenty for the number of chickens we are going to get. We will block off an area for feed and supplies and build roosting spots for them. The rest of the coop will be just a nice open area for them to roam around in. All day they will have access to the coop and the run but because of all the other predators we have we will lock them in the coop at night. When they are full grown I would like to let them free range in our back pasture at least when we are at the house. I would also like for us (I mean my hubby =o) to build a tractor coop so that we could let them on our back yard that isn’t fenced in. I am very excited about this adventure of ours and so are the boys. Our oldest ask every day “can we get the chicks today?” I believe this is going to be a great adventure (yes work too) for us as a family plus we get fresh eggs!! You just can’t beat that. More pics and details to come as our Chicken adventure unfolds =o)


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