It’s time for a Field Trip

Pictures are from Wikipedia
We are so excited about this Field trip!! By accident I found a small chicken farm close by our house (Thank You Lord) and we are going Monday to look at their farm: ducks, geese, puppies, dogs, cats, barns, coops, nesting boxes, roosting areas, brooding areas, feed and yes all their CHICKS and CHICKENS!!! This is a great opportunity to talk to people “IN PERSON” that do this everyday. The owner was so nice and helpful on the phone. He said he would be happy to let us look around, ask questions and give us a crash course in “Raising chicks and chickens” It is an answer to prayer that we came upon this farm. I feel kinda funny to admit it but I am just as excited if not MORE so than our boys about going to the chicken farm and about us raising chickens.


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