Update on our Phoebe Visitor

Guess what……..we have eggs now!! There are four precious little eggs in our Phoebe’s nest. I took this picture yesterday so the eggs were laid that day or the day before. We will keep an eye (or two =o) on things and keep you posted. It is a lot of fun seeing the mama Phoebe flying out from our back porch (where the nest is) to catch a meal and then fly back under our porch and out of sight again. Here is a quote from “All About Birds” http://www.birds.cornell.edu/AllAboutBirds/BirdGuide/Eastern_Phoebe_dtl.html
“Reproduction- Nest Type: Nest an open cup, cemented with mud to a wall close to a ceiling. Nest made of mud mixed with green moss and some leaves, lined with fine grass stems and hair. Placed under bridge, cliff, or eave of building. Egg Description: Color is White, occasionally with a few reddish brown dots. Size: 18.8-20.6 mm x 14.0-17.0 mm.(0.73-0.81 in x 0.55-0.67 in) Incubation period: 16 days. Clutch Size2-6 eggs. Condition at Hatching:Helpless with sparse gray down. Chicks fledge in 16-18 days.”

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