Up date on the "Raising Chickens" Post


With all the wonderful information on the Internet and the awesome e-mails I have gotten from people a plan is coming together =o) My hubby is against free ranging because he says we have way to many predators around here. I was thinking that we could build a permanent coop and run and later build a “tractor coop” so that we could move them around during the day on our pasture in the back, that way they can enjoy the grass and all the “delicious pest” they would find. Right now we just want eggs so we will not get a rooster. I’m not sure we’ll ever go for raising them for meat. All the plucking of feathers just sounds like way to much work for me. My hubby mentioned getting eight chicks to raise up. After reading what I have I think for us and our environment that I would like to get 1/2 Rhode Island Reds and 1/2 Black Stars but my hubby might want to get 1/2 White Leghorns because that’s what his grandfather raised (along with the Rhode Island Reds). I have read that they are not as “friendly” and they spook easy and therefore aren’t always easy to handle. (That sounds like the horse I used to have.) I want something that is hardy, more easy going and friendly because I think that will be best for our boys. We will just have to wait and see what happens! My hubby thinks it is best that we begin to get ready for the chickens by building the coop, the run, getting everything we need for the chicks and everything we need for when they are (older) ready to be in the coop and then order them. Once I feel I have done enough reading on chickens I’ll move to rabbits or goats or cows. We have so much grass to cut because we used to have horses so I would love to own something that will help us with the grass. Here are links to different types of chicken coops: http://www.backyardchickens.com/coopdesigns.html http://www.rosecomb.com/random/coops/coops1.html


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