Books and Movie Recomendation

I just wanted to recommend a couple of books and a movie that would be great for the whole family. The first book (in a series) is called My Side of the Mountain and their is also a movie based on that book. Of course the movie doesn’t stay completely true to the book but it is still an enjoyable movie for the family. As far as reading the book I would say that because they are kinda long and they are not picture books that the youngest age that would enjoy them would be a 5 or 6 yr old. Of course that doesn’t mean every 5 or 6 yr old would like it but one who likes animals, nature etc. I think will enjoy it. My oldest has really enjoyed the second book in the serious ( we have taken really slow though). My hubby just started reading the first book to his boys this week. We also found out about the movie this week so we decided to rent it and watch together and we all liked it. You can find out more about all the books, the movie and the author of the books at the links below.

Here is a great link to the National Geographic Kids Site. You will see a photo, video and you can hear the sound of the Peregrine Falcon , which is a key character in the book series I mentioned above.


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