Our Easter

I wanted to write something like: What is Easter? So I even did a search on the Internet for the meaning of Easter so I could read some different perspectives. What I came across was a site that supposedly explained the origins or the history behind the word Easter, egg decorating and even the bunny. I will not go into detail on what they said about each one of these things. I do understand that not every Christian parent let’s their children decorate eggs, believe for a time in the Easter bunny and basically not have any form of what we could call the secular traditions of Easter in their home. That’s just fine for those families. I believe that each Christian has the right to pursue God and His ways and to live according to the path they believe God is calling them too. For my hubby and I we do not believe there is anything wrong with letting our children decorate eggs to us it is just another “art” project. We also don’t mind them believing in the Easter Bunny. We just see it as playing, pretending and using their imagination. There is a day that it just clicks and the child knows it was exactly that. That is at least how it has happened for us and everyone I know. I also have no problem calling the Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus “Easter” because it is just a word. I know some people may tell me that the name “Easter”, the bunny and egg decorating are all evil because of what certain people did way back in our history. I can only say that I do not believe that what one person used for evil means that “it” remains evil. Some one or several people decided that they would redeem the word Easter, the practice of egg decorating and even using the bunny as a symbol for Easter. They took these things back and gave them to God. They took it and it became in their hearts innocent fun for their children. As we know God looks at the heart of a person. So when he looks down and sees my children decorating eggs, when he sees them running to find hidden eggs and He hears them exclaim Happy Easter He doesn’t see or hear anything evil. If we would remember that God is in the habit of taking something old and redeeming it and giving it a new purpose (2 Cor. 5:17), you know as in what He does for us =o) Every family needs to do what they have prayed about and they feel that God is leading them to do!! I do respect every Christians families right to do that. No matter if you spend time on any of the secular traditions of Easter or NOT, all Christians should take the time to FOCUS on Christ and what He did for us during the days or weeks leading up to that special Sunday. That’s what we did every night starting with Palm Sunday and going through Easter Sunday (Resurrection day), I had a devotion with the boys and we would light a candle, read a bible story and place one or two objects around the cross we were using as a centerpiece on our kitchen table. If you look at the pictures above you get an idea of what I used: A Heart (because Jesus loves us), 3 nails, bread and a cup, white cloth, a rock, silver coins, old perfume bottle and a butterfly. I am sure you can understand why I would have used each one of these items. After we read the story and talked about the object we would sing one or two songs. The song we sang every day was “I love you, Lord”. The boys just love that song right now. The last thing we would do was pray together. This was a very special time for us and I am so glad I took the time every day this past week to focus on the events that led up to the day Jesus rose from the dead!! Easter for different people will mean different things. To our family it represents God’s amazing love he has towards us, Jesus perfect love and the fact that God made a way for us to know him now and be with him for all of eternity through Jesus’ death and resurrection. It also means Family, Food, Spring time and Fun and I do not see anything wrong with that. I hope you ALL had a wonderful Easter with your family and friends celebrating what you have together but mostly celebrating what you have in the LORD and because of the LORD!!

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