Thank You Lord for sending the rain

I just want to say how thankful I am for the rain that we’ve been getting. When it was at it’s worst we just about didn’t have a lake anymore. The water was so low that it was only covering about 1/4 of the area. Of course that wasn’t the bad part about the situation. The bad part was the water ban and they kept announcing we only had a certain number of days before we ran out of water. During that time I happened to see a couple of news programs about churches having special meetings to pray for rain. The people would say they knew God would do it. You know what I didn’t see though I may have missed it, I didn’t see a follow up story where the believers got to say (in love =o) “see I told you God would send the rain” =o) I wish they would have followed up with all those churches and let them share and testify about the goodness of God. Oh, well if they won’t PRAISE HIM………..we will!!! Everytime it rains the boys and I say “Thank You Lord”!!

To top it off our lake is full again!! =o) PRAISE GOD for the way HE cares for us!!

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