Today’s Nature Walk

1. It’s always nice to step back and gain a NEW perspective 2. We think these are baby spiders. We actually saw them squirming around in their nest, that was so cool!! 3. I am clueless as to what this is. Last year I saw one identical to it on a different tree . Does anyone have any idea? 4. New Branches (New Life)……for some reason I kept noticing all these new little branches sprouting off the trees and it just kept reminding me that Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. As long as we stay attached to (abide in) HIM we will grow and flourish in that New life He has promised. 5. This picture of the sky my oldest took. He laid down (I encouraged him to do it) and took it. I could tell he just thought that was great. 6. Our youngest took this one of the sky and of course he had to do exactly what his big brother did. The only difference is it took him at least 10mins to decide what cloud he wanted to photograph. 7. These are holes from the Yellow bellied Sapsucker. Notice the sap draining out, I assume the sapsucker will be back later for another drink =o)


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