We just love Camping


We were blessed to be able to buy a camper around April of last year. It was one of the best buys we have ever made. We have had a wonderful time camping last year in that thing. I always enjoyed tent camping but I have to admit having this camper has made camping so much MORE enjoyable. I think we ended up camping about 6 times last year. The nature walks we had, playing with the boys at the campground, tubing and playing in the river, cooking chili outside for several hours and eating it outside together as a family, fishing, drawing, reading together, napping, warming up by the campfire, playing games, painting, play dough, flag football, collecting nature treasures, watching the boys dig in the dirt and sliding on the ice, listening to the Alan Jackson Hymn CD while sitting outside the camper and having my time with God while sitting beside the rippling water of the river are just some of the warm and wonderful memories I have from this past year. I thank God for every trip, for every memory and for allowing us the opportunity to spend time with HIM as a family out in HIS creation. I write this with the anticipation that very soon we will be going on another camping trip!! =o)


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