A Gift of Love


I just wanted to share a poem today. I was reminded of it

because when we were out on a walk the other day my boys

all of the sudden took off running. I was wondering what that

was about when I noticed they were running to a patch

of beautiful yellow flowers and I had to smile because I knew

what they were going to do. I was right they picked some flowers

and came running back to give them to me. I have been having

flowers picked and given to me (among lots of other things such as:

sticks, grass, wild onions, rocks, weeds and so on) since my oldest

was about 18 months. It was special the first time and it is still special.

Of course now I am very blessed to have two little boys bringing me

gifts from God’s Creation!! I really hope you enjoy the poem below

as much as I did the first time I read it!

(The picture above is of the flowers they picked for me =o)

“He brought me a leaf in his pudgy hand, A gift it was plain to see; And the joy that he gave was a gift of love, For he is a treasure to me. He brought me a feather, a rock, a flower, Treasures to see and admire; And the smile on his face as he offered them Was everything I could desire. He brings me more treasures each time he comes -A worm, a seed, or a bug; And the light in his eyes always sparkles with fun And brings my response of a hug. God, lead him gently and teach him well Through treasures You guide him to see, For the joy that he gives is a gift of love’ Cause he is a treasure to me.”~Betty Ekiss


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