This Years School Schedule (Now until end of school)

Hi, I wanted to share what our current weekly “K” school schedule looked like.
It doesn’t “all” always get done but typical this is what our week looks like. I have
been very happy with things since switching to this kind of schedule. We do not have a set day for most subjects we just do them when it feels right.
Here it is:

New “K” Schedule (Feb-July 08):



Memory Work 

Reading lesson (1 day comp. games) 

Math (1 day comp. games) 

Foreign language 

Copy Work (1day typing) 

Tea Time w/Literature/Poetry 
& practicing good manners

Art Appreciation 

Music Appreciation (Composer) 

Folk Song/Children’s Classics 

Handicraft/Life Skills 

Hands on Art 

Nature Study (Readings/documentaries) 

Nature Walk 

Literature Readings 

Social Studies 



Book: Window of the World 
Persecuted Christians and
the Countries they live in.
(Geography, Prayer)

**Social Studies: Geography lessons/Readings, History, Health, Culture, Social,
Community, Map/globe work, Compass practice
** Also an occasional Science Experiment or Science related Topic, Service project and Field Trip
**HS Club Day Once a month, HS club Park Day 1x a month and Taekwondo 2-3x’s a week


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